Autumn Activities for Kids

Autumn Activities for Kids

Summer is officially on its way out and it’s time to say hello to autumn. Just because the season is changing doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun! The kids might be back at school but there are still plenty of weekends and half-terms to fill up with activities. Whether you are looking for things you can do at home, or outdoor activities you can get involved in, there’s autumn activities for kids everywhere. At Barncliffe Day Nursery we know all about entertaining children all year round, so we’ve put together a blog post with just a few of the autumn activities you and your little ones can get involved in! Keep reading for what activities you can do in autumn. 

What to Do in Autumn

Pumpkin Picking

Nothing says autumn quite like the delicious taste of pumpkins. Pumpkin picking is a great activity for all of the family to get involved in, and is a lot more fun that just getting one from the supermarket. Get your autumnal gear on and head to a pumpkin patch near you, analysing all of the pumpkins until you find the perfect one! Not only is this great for creating delicious pumpkin based recipes, you can also create fun designs by carving the pumpkin. 

Create Autumnal Food

Along with the crunchy leaves and cooler weather comes incredible ingredients for delicious meals and treats. From butternut squash soup to spiced biscuits, there are so many different flavour variations you and your little ones can create together. Whether you want to cook up a storm or bake some delicious treats, you can get creative together in the kitchen.

Conker Collecting

As we get more into autumn, conkers start to fall off of trees. Conker collecting is a great activity for all of the family to get involved in, you could even make a game out of it by seeing who can kind the most conkers. The best part is once you collect your conkers you can get them ready for battle. Conkers is a game where two people have a conker on a string and hit them against each other until one breaks. The winner is the conker that survives!

Build a Bird Feeder

Although bird feeders are most essential for winter, why not get a head start in autumn? There are so many different things you can turn into a bird feeder, from an egg carton to a plastic bottle, the possibilities are endless. Get creative with your little one and make a few different styles so there’s enough food for every bird who comes along! Don’t forget to stock up on seeds to keep the birds happy. 

Get Crafty

When autumn comes around Mother Nature gives you all kinds of art supplies. You’ll find plenty of leaves, sticks and rocks laying around that can be used to create beautiful pieces of art. Your little one will love using nature to create their art, whether that be literally or taking inspiration when creating drawings and paintings. 


There are just a few autumn activities for kids you and the whole family can get involved in. Autumn is a fantastic time of year to spend time together and create some fantastic memories!

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