Cheap Summer Activities for Kids

Cheap Summer Activities for Kids

Keep Kids Busy this Summer 

Summer is officially here, with the sun finally showing itself in England. The summer holidays are right around the corner and it can be difficult to find activities for your little ones to keep busy with that don’t break the bank. Six weeks can be a long time to fill when you have children that get bored easily! At Barncliffe Day Nursery we know all about keeping little ones entertained and busy throughout the day. We thought it would be handy to share some of our day out activities that you can do with the kids over summer when the sun is shining. Keep reading for some low cost activities you can do with the kids this summer. 

The Park

Going to the park is always a great day out with the little ones. The best part? There is little to no reason to spend any money, with free activities and a wide open area for you to do whatever you desire. To keep costs down and add to the fun, pack a picnic you can enjoy together in the park. We love spending time outside with the little ones at Barncliffe in our nursery garden

Petting Zoo 

If there is one thing children love it’s animals. There are a lot of farms that have free petting zoos you and your little ones can enjoy together. It is also a great way to teach your children about farm animals and how they live, while also giving them the opportunity to interact with the animals.


Museums are a fantastic place to take your little ones for an educational and fun day out. There are plenty of free museums around the country that you can travel to to keep costs down while still making a fun day out of it. There are museums out there to suit everybody, with many for kids that include interactive activities and a play area.

Bike Ride

If you want to do something to keep the kids active over the summer, try going for a family bike ride. Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit while still having fun, especially when you do it together. The Peak District has a lot of beautiful places where you can take your bikes for the day and explore, with plenty of opportunities for you to stop for lunch as well.

The Beach

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Going to the seaside can be one of the most exciting day trips you can do in summer! It is basically like a mini holiday, where you can forget all your troubles and have fun in the sand and sea. Children love getting creative in the sand, so pack some buckets and spades to create the perfect sand castle. If you really want to keep costs down you can even pack a lunch to take with you rather than buying food there.

Summer Fun

Take the stress out of the summer holidays by having some activities lined up for you and your little ones to do together. When the sun comes out you have to take the opportunity to enjoy it while you can, which is why these activities are perfect. 

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