Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter is almost here, so it’s time to get that egg hunt ready for your little ones. Traditionally, an egg hunt is a game where decorated, chocolate and plastic eggs are hidden around a location for children to find. Real eggs are usually boiled or blown and then decorated with paint and dye, hidden alongside of artificial eggs that are filled with sweets and treats and the usual foil covered chocolate eggs. The hunt can take place both outdoors and indoors, as long as the environment is big enough to hide the eggs for your little hunters. The children collect the eggs in their basket, getting to keep the ones that they find!

With Easter being a yearly celebration, you want to make sure you always keep it interesting and vibrant to see your little ones smile beaming on their face with enjoyment. It can be tricky to come up with adventurous ways to make the egg hunt extra exciting for children, which is why we’ve put together a list of Easter egg hunt ideas! As one of the nurseries in Huddersfield, we know a thing or two about entertaining children. Having hosted many hunts over the years, we thought it would be handy to share our expertise with you! Keep reading for some really helpful Easter egg hunt ideas.

Four Things to Add to Your Egg Hunt

Use Signs

Sometimes all of the best hiding spots can be harder for little ones to find. You reach that time in the hunt where not all of the eggs have been found, but the children are wondering around with no idea where to look. Well, this is where signs come in! Prop some signs around the area of the hunt that either points in the direction of or gives a clue to where they might find an egg. Not only does this help make sure the hunt is completed, it also adds excitement as it creates another dimension to the typical Easter egg hunt.

Add Activities

If you’re looking for fun Easter egg hunt ideas, try adding some activities and challenges to it! Using the artificial eggs, you can write up some challenges and activities that need to be completed during the hunt and put them inside the egg. Have a special label or sticker on them that tells the children that this is an activity/challenge egg and must be opened and followed immediately before the hunt continues. For example, one egg could have the instruction that you must hop around the hunt until you find your next egg. Small changes like this can really spruce up your typical egg hunt.

Leave a Trail

If the Easter bunny has been hiding eggs for the children, then they will have definitely left a trail. If you have a surface that washes well such as pavement, get some white chalk and create some cute easy bunny paw prints! If you’re inside and don’t mind a bit of mess, you can create a paw print template and use powdered sugar or flour to create the effect! If you don’t feel like dealing with all of the cleaning up, opt for prints made out of paper instead. This is one of many great Easter egg hunt ideas that will really get your little ones excited about doing the hunt.

Personalised Egg Baskets

When looking for Easter egg hunt ideas that will add excitement to the experience, think about more than just the hunt itself. Having a unique and fun egg basket makes the desire to find eggs to put in the basket even stronger! You can have this as an activity for the little ones to get involved with before Easter weekend, using materials such as felt to personalise their very own egg basket.

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

With just a few weeks to go until Easter, it is time to start preparing for the beloved hunt! Use our Easter egg hunt ideas to make a creative and fun experience for all of the children participating in the hunt. At Barncliffe we know all about making activities extra fun for children, so you can trust that when you leave your little ones with us they will be learning while having the best time! If you are looking for nurseries in Huddersfield, get in touch with us today.

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