Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids

Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids

Decorating the home and giving it a spooky feel always gets the kids excited for October 31st. To keep the little ones creative in the evenings and weekends leading up to Halloween, why not get out the crafts and create some little masterpieces? Whether it’s creating decorations or helping out with pumpkin carving, there are suitable Halloween craft ideas to celebrate the season, no matter what age your children are.

Here at Barncliffe Day Nursery, we love Halloween – not just because it’s acceptable to dress up in scarily good outfits, but because it’s an excuse to get messy with some arts and crafts! As well as keeping the kids occupied, they’ll be entertained to no end, and will even be proud of what they’ve created. Here are some great ways you can spend some quality time with your children whilst also creating some loving crafts you can show off with pride. 

Fun craft ideas for Halloween

Party hats

Having a Halloween party this month? There’s nothing more exciting than party preparation for a child. Party hats are a great thing to start with – you can use different coloured card to create a cone shape, or buy some plain party hats you can decorate yourself at home. Get out the paints and help your child to mix some bright Halloween colours together, such as green, orange and purple. Stick on pom poms, sequins and draw on some scary eyes and teeth!

Pumpkin carving

Of course, an adult should be the only one to handle carving knives, but that’s no reason for your child to miss out on one of the most enjoyable activities at Halloween. Get your child to draw out their eyes, nose and mouth on a pumpkin and ensure a grown-up is at hand to do the hard part. Afterwards, your child can get stuck in again with the decoration, or even use paint to create a rainbow pumpkin. This will involve no carving and is a great way for the younger ones to get in on all the fun safely.

Cotton ball ghosts.

A great way to create a sensory Halloween decoration is to use cotton balls. Find a template of a spooky ghost online and print it off. After supervising your child cutting out the shape, use some PVA glue to stick on some cotton balls onto the shape. Wait until your ghosts are fully dried before sticking on some googly eyes or creating your own out of card.

Pumpkin stamps

An effective way to create a repetitive pattern is by making your own stamps, perfect for creating cards, decorating party bags, or simply to create some fancy shapes. Simply cut an apple in half, paint the flat side with a bright orange colour and press onto coloured card or fabric. It will create a pumpkin shape which can then be decorated further with some googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

Halloween paper lantern.

Paper lanterns can be made for any occasion, and Halloween is no exception! Better still, they are also incredibly simple to make. Take some coloured card, orange if you want to follow the pumpkin theme, and fold it in half long ways. Starting at the folding line, use scissors to cut a number of lines into the paper, stopping around an inch before you reach the end of the paper. Unfold the paper again and fix the lantern together creating a cylinder shape. Then, decorate as you please!

Use our Halloween craft ideas to get into the spirit!

These are just a few of the great crafty ideas your little ones can get stuck into this October. Make the most of the season, get creative and enjoy some quality family time.

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