How to Encourage Your Child to Read

How to Encourage Your Child to Read

Reading is one of the most important factors when it comes to children’s education and development. The importance of reading cannot be emphasised enough when it comes to young children, so it is essential that parents and carers make reading a high priority in their children’s lives. From increasing vocabulary to developing imagination, there are so many benefits that come from reading. 

Encouraging your child to read takes time and dedication. You have to get involved with the process, but the outcome is more than worth it. It can be difficult to know exactly what will encourage your little one to read, which is why we’ve put together a blog post to help! At Barncliffe we know all about encouraging little ones to read – keep reading for some tips on how to encourage your child to read.

Getting Your Child Interested in Reading

Read Every Night

Making reading part of your children’s night time routine is a fantastic way to encourage reading. The more children are exposed to literature, the more likely it is that reading will become part of their daily life and be something they enjoy. With each story a child is introduced to new information, vocabulary and concepts. Reading at night will also teach your child to associate reading with relaxation. This means that in future if they want to relax, they will consider picking up a book.

Set an Example

Reading for yourself in front of your little one is another great way to encourage reading. Watching you reading magazines, newspapers and books will show your child that reading is important and makes you learn new things. Having a designated reading time is a fantastic way to do this, where you and your child can read your own materials at the same time. 

Create a Reading Corner

Having somewhere nice and cosy to sit can make reading even more fun that it already is, especially for children. Get together with your little one and create a special little area with items such as cushions, teddies, bean bags and books. Making this area a reading-only zone will encourage your child to read as they want to spend time in this lovely area you have created, and to do that they need to be reading! It’s another way to teach children to associate reading with positive emotions. 

Visit the Library

When looking at how to encourage your child to read, heading to the library is a must. Giving children their own library card gives them a feeling of responsibility and makes them want to go and explore the library. Take advantage of the wide selection at your local public library by letting your child pick out books that catches their attention. You can also make a day trip out of it and spend some time reading in the library! Most libraries have their own reading corner for children, which is the perfect spot for them to spend some time. 


Reading can be difficult for children when they first start, so it’s important to support and congratulate them often. Creating reward systems, such as a sticker every time they finish a book, is a great way to celebrate their achievements. Keep the rewards small as it’s important that they learn to read because they want to rather than because they get a reward, but providing them with something small like a sticker just shows that you are noticing their achievements.

Reading with Children

So there are just a few ways your can encourage your child to read! At Barncliffe we incorporate reading into our learning, because we know how important it is to children’s development. When you choose Barncliffe you can be assured that your child’s reading development is being encouraged while at nursery as well as at home. Get in touch with us for more information about our nursery!

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