Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mother’s day – the time to celebrate everything that our mother’s do for us. Whoever fulfils this maternal figure in your family, it is important to take the time to show how much you appreciate everything they do for you. Mothering Sunday is all about honouring mums and maternal figures, and has evolved into an occasion for kids to show their appreciation through treats and gifts. Every mother and motherly figure loves to receive homemade gifts from their little ones – it really shows how much they care by taking the time to craft something up. At Barncliffe we love to get creative, so we know all about making heartfelt gifts. We’ve put together a list of some mother’s day crafts for kids you can help your little one make to honour their maternal figure. Keep reading for some simple creative crafts they can dig their little hands into!

Mother’s Day Presents Made With Love


A great way to show appreciation is with a personalised, homemade card featuring a loving message. There are such a variety of ways to make a personalised card – all that is needed is some card, glue, and a bit of imagination. Get really creative with different shapes, colours, and decorations for something that really suits their personality. For example, if they love wildlife, why not create it in the shape of a beautiful butterfly? This can then be decorated however the child wishes.

  • Fold the card and cut into the desired shape

  • Decorate with everything and anything you wish

  • Finish with a personalised message

Photo Frame

A decorated photo frame with a special picture is a great personalised mother’s day present. It’s really simple to make too – all that is needed is a plain wooden photo frame that can be spruced up with glitter, stickers, and paint. Make sure to remove the middle of the frame before the little one gets their hands on decorating to avoid any damage to the display area.

  • Get a plain wooden photo frame

  • Take out the centre and put on top of plastic

  • Decorate!

  • Wait for everything to dry and assemble the frame

Paper Flowers

Flowers are a great mother’s day gift, so why not put the personal, homemade touch into it by making some paper flowers? When looking for mother’s day crafts for kids, this is a big winner. Once many flowers are made you can create a complete bouquet, some treats can be scattered in with the flowers for an extra special touch. Chocolate, sweets, teddies – whatever suits your mother the best.

  • Accordion fold some tissue

  • Wrap a pipe cleaner securely around the centre of the tissue

  • Unfold the tissue to reveal petals

  • Cut and stick on some leaves using green card


When looking for mother’s day crafts for kids, baking is always fun! Nothing says I love you quite like homemade baked goods. Help your little ones get creative in the kitchen by baking their mother their favourite treat. It doesn’t have to stop with the great baking, they can be personally decorated with icing, sweets and chocolate to create the perfect mother’s day treat.

  • Grab all of the ingredients for their favourite treat

  • Bake, bake, bake!

  • Decorate with their favourite things

Get Creative This Mother’s Day

Try something different this mother’s day with one of our creative, homemade gifts. All of these are perfect mother’s day crafts for kids, giving them the opportunity to show their appreciation by spending time creating a personalised gift. If your little one loves to get creative they will fit in great at Barncliffe! Get in touch today for more information on our nursery.

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