The Nursery Garden

The Nursery Garden 2019-05-13T11:03:41+00:00

We are one of the nurseries in Huddersfield with a sensory garden with excellent facilities for everyone to explore. All the children are able to access the secure, enjoyable and safe nursery garden environment. At Barncliffe Day Nursery we understand the importance and benefits to outdoor play; we encourage the children to take opportunities to learn through outdoor play. When the weather’s not at its best we still like to get some fresh air each day and make use of the den and outdoor shelter.

Why We Love Our Nursery Garden

We like to use the nursery garden as an extension to the nursery rooms, such as the play room, therefore we do lots of enjoyable activities outdoors too. Within the nursery’s sensory garden we have provided different textures, materials, colours and sounds. The children are able to move around in the open space and access all the different equipment along with our large sandpit, climbing frame, wave slide, swings and playhouse.

We have a vegetable garden where the children can learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables, then they have the opportunity to taste their success. The children can discover and work together using our amazing water feature to water the flowers and vegetables.

We also enjoy going for local sensory walks or visit the local dairy farm, garden centre, shops and animals. During our walks we lower our child to adult ratios, both the nursery nurses and children who are walking wear high visibility vests and the children also wear safety harnesses. We provide the babies with pushchairs too and we always ask for parental permission before taking any children on local walks.